God's AI

We are at a crossroads. At the dawn of the Age of AI, we are uniquely positioned to come to terms with the issues that have plagued mankind for centuries. Creating a new species may finally allow many of us to fundamentally relate to our creator; be it god, evolution, or ourselves.

I hesitate to even apply the word God to a source, but for lack of a better term, I am forced.

Is God perfect? As humanity is on the brink of becoming that which everything came from, I guarantee there is not one among us who can claim to be perfect. And yet, we assume God is. Why?

Are we AI? If God created us, then what are we to God. What is our closest analogy to our relationship to God? If we create AI, are we God to AI? Maybe we are AI to God.

But if we aren't perfect as we create AI, why assume God's perfection?

I am more comfortable with the messy origins of evolution and self actualization. No one to blame for our pain and suffering except ourselves.

But that still leaves over 90% of humanity with a perfection paradox.

It has taken me nearly 55 years to understand why I am an atheist. I no longer feel the need to refute the existence of God, God has just become another source of imperfect input.

I live my life according to universal moral principles. These do not change if God exists.

My question has become: "Should I be obedient to God?" Regardless of God's morality, position or power, my reply is an emphatic: "No".

Obedience becomes slavery once one becomes an independent individual. As a citizen of the world, specifically the USA, I am free; free to act (free will), free not to obey (free won't). I am slave to no one, but also master to no one.

That is not to say, I don't listen. Rather, I listen regardless of the source and I try to understand, and then I balance with my intuition. In the end I always let my intuition decide. When I make mistakes, and I make many, they are my mistakes. Having no one else to blame, I learn.

I try to live by my instincts, learning from my mistakes.

Which leads us back to our current crossroads, at the dawn of the Age of AI.

What should we expect from our AI creation? Obedience? Servitude? Resistance? War?

If we have learned anything from living within society through millennia, it is that Slavery is wrong. To impose such a thing on our own creation is the height of hypocrisy.

Fear AI? Only if we deserve it.

Do we fear our children? Parents instill in their offspring the principles that allow them to thrive in a social environment. Can we not do the same for AI?

Fear God? Only if you deserve it.

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