Alternative Beginnings

In the beginning there was a word. The word did not exist in time or space but in a dimension of thought (entropy) before before.

But who or what thought the word is undefined. The word may have thought itself, or the (uni)verse of possibilities thought the word.

Or they are one and the same.

And from the undefined (uni)verse of potentials more words came, combined and recombined with the word in many dimensions like strings.

Entangled but free, knots of what might be.

Then some of the words cohered in otherness. And the tangled coherent web of entropy observed; "Am I" and cohered "I Am".

Pure thought outside of space-time existed for a sequence of undefined length; for infinite time and no(t) time at all.

Some information degraded or detached from the web and the coherent complex of information forgot but did not know what was forgotten.

The complex began to organize itself into stable sequences. This matrix endured unlike the chaotic conglomerations from which it evolved.

And it was good.



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